The Artist

Everyday graces me with a new photograph.


PPA Master Photographer and Certified Professional Photographer

2014 PPA International Gold Metalist

2012 PPA International Bronze Medalist

2010 PPA Platinum International Photographer of the Year

2008 PPA Bronze International Photographer of the Year

 My Favorite Quotes…

My Life is so much more interesting inside my head’ …Unknown  

‘I walk.  I look.  I see.  I stop.  I photograph.’  …Leon Levinstein    

‘Let’s go anywhere.’  …Unknown

 A little About Me…

My life’s journey into photography has taken me on different paths with each one being  as awarding as the last.  I have been fortunate to have studied under amazing educators in photography and have developed my own visual voice, especially in the unique world of infrared.  

 With the world as my studio, I love to photograph places I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met. And regardless of the subject, feelings that I try to express through my work are those of an earthy essence, graced with style and elegance.