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Captivates Your Emotion

I met Dianna some 18 years ago and have enjoyed seeing a passion for photography turn into a journey that expresses the beauty of the world we live. Her “visual voice” explores so much more than what our everyday eye sees. She balances the qualities of light that few see with compositional elements, both large and small, to convey stunning images that captivate your emotion.  Her visual creation is something everyone, including myself, would want hanging on their walls whether at home or business.

Don MacGregor Mst Photog., Cr., API Vancouver, BC June 11, 2016

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Intriguing Imagery

Dianna is one the most creative photographers I've ever worked with.  Her vision and approach to her photography delivers intriguing imagery.  Whether she is photographing portraiture, wildlife or artistic impression, I find her work to be uniquely accomplished and stunning to view.

Linda Rodriguez Austin, TX June 11, 2016

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Stunning Creations

Dianna Walker has an unparelled eye for detail and the unexpected.  She uses her talent with refined perfection.  As a fellow professional photographer, I stand in awe whenever I view her stunning creations...whether her masterpiece portraits or her fine art prints.  A wise person would do well to seek out Dianna and immerse themself in her artistic vision.  

Sherry Braden Master Photographer June 11, 2016

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Unique and Artistic

Dianna is extremely gifted with the creative talent of being able to capture objects in the most unique and artistic way.  Thankfully, she extends her talent as gifts to others in the form of her photographic artwork.  She is the most pleasant person to work with and makes the entire experience so enjoyable and so incredibly memorable.  Her photography transcends moments in time and captures images and emotions that will be cherished forever.

Karen Cole Austin, TX June 11, 2016

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Compelling and Emotional Images

Dianna’s creative talents go beyond her ability to capture and uniquely interpret her vision. She cares greatly for her subjects and this passion comes through in her work creating stunning, compelling and emotional images. Moments captured that will inspire you to pursue your dreams and live your passion.  

Piper MacKay International Wildlife and Cultural Documentary Photographer Long Beach, CA June 11, 2016