‘Art’ …Simply Stated

‘Art’ …Simply Stated

Elegant . . .Flowing . . .Simple . . .Artistic . . .Realism . . .Bold . . .I find it interesting how one can take an artistic shot with the camera and because of all the elements involved looks like a non-photograph. I find JOY with playing and creating in the camera and seeing what the end results will be.

For my birthday, I was given a beautiful red Betta.  After a trip to Sedona, AZ, I came home to be welcomed by Havana Rojo.  Is that not an AWESOME name?  He is my red Betta. . .my new best friend. . .my new subject to photograph!    Last night he was in his temporary home (a margarita pitcher) while waiting for his new home to be ‘conditioned’.  He was placed in front of a Quartz crystal that I had purchased in Sedona.  The light coming from the crystal lit him beautifully.  I grabbed my camera and composed my shot.  

What I saw was the brightly lit shape behind him.  I waited for him to pass in front of the crystal (took forever) and I snapped a couple of  images.  Of course the light from the Quartz crystal highlighted a great deal of partials floating in the water, plus the Margarita pitcher was made out of Mexican glass that showed perfect imperfections.  I cleaned the image up a bit (mainly the floating partials) by taking it into Photoshop . . .a great piece of art was created.  I can’t help but love this new portrait of Havana Rojo.   I adore how all the shapes and colors all came about.  Havana Rojo is his true self as well as everything else.

If this image grabs you, I would love for you to share in my art.  When one buys art, the artist’s vision is purchased.  I saw my vision and I waited!  I knew exactly what I wanted to capture!  Contact me if you are as excited to owe this piece of art as I am to print it for you.  Mention this blog for a 20% off introduction of Havana Rojo.  This image is ready to print at 18 x 12.  My choice of material for printing would be face-mounted acrylic.

I am currently updating my http://www.diannawalker.com .  I will be adding a new collection of travel and abstracts which I am thrilled about.  Please ‘share’ this blog with your friends and ‘follow’ me on Facebook.

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