Has It Been Photoshopped?

Has It Been Photoshopped?

As a photographer, how many times have you been asked that question if ever? 

I just finished hanging photographic art in my home last week for a Christmas gathering of my neighborhood. Since the gathering, I have been playing catch-up if you will, in my social life…re-connecting with friends and family with whom I have not seen in several weeks. This is what I enjoy doing…planning dinner parties, cooking and creating, especially with my camera.

With that being said, keep in mind that I have art hanging in California and in various places here in Texas. My art is being recognized for the type of work I do and for my creativity. For this I am proud.

After one of the dinners, I invited my guests for an after-dinner drink upstairs to relax, converse and play movie trivia. Through the course of it all, wonderful comments were made about how exquisite my art looked on the walls. It was followed by ‘is it photoshopped’?

As a photographer, I knew the answer! Aren’t all images taken by a digital camera ‘processed’ through one program or another, especially if you are shooting raw files? Just so happens my software of choice is Photo Shop as with millions of other professionals and non-professionals in the photographic industry.

Instead of answering the question with the standard ‘yes it was’ and being slightly irritated that someone would actually ASK the question, I simply said ‘it was created byme as the artist with the software called Photo Shop as my tool’.  Keep in mind that Photoshop of today is the chemicals of yesterday.

When it comes right down to it, does it really matter? Of course it doesn’t matter. I just thought it was amusing someone would ask the question. That’s okay, because I hold that person close to my heart as I do all my friends and family.  The art that comes from me is truly my own thought process and Photo Shop is my ever-trusting tool, just like a talented carpenter would use his tools of choice to craft beautiful furniture. There you have it! My work has been photoshopped…special thanks to Adobe for making that happen!  Also, special thanks to my dear guest who asked the question.  After all, it gave me another reason to smile.

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