It’s time to Give Up!

It’s time to Give Up!


. . . Something! It’s March and Spring is just around the corner. St Patty’s Day is coming and soon after that Spring will be official.

What are you reminded of when you think of Spring?
Is it the smell of freshly mowed grass?
Is it the first flower bulb coming up out of the snow to see the first light of day?
Is it photographing fields of beautiful flowers or looking for a four-leaf clover in hopes of having a wish come true?

Perhaps Spring means giving up something. It’s time to quit hanging on. After all,
it is 2018.

Regardless of where you live, we all look forward to Spring because it represents a fresh beginning. Beautiful days in Texas have bought me the urge to clean out and clean up. After a cold, wet winter, I decided I would clean out my clothes closet and get it cleaned up.  I was able to make more room in my closet for the extra pieces of clothing I found that I did not know I had.  It was like going shopping and not spending a dime! Plus, I had an organized closet…What fun!!

Have you ever wondered what you have worn in a season and what you haven’t? Should I keep it or should I not?

Here’s a tip: At the beginning of the season make several square labels of brightly colored paper.  Hole-punch a hole in each one. Slip the tags onto all the hangers. When you wear that piece of clothing, take the tag off, put it in a box to save. At the end of the season, whatever tags are still hanging on the clothes hanger means you did not wear that particular item of clothing. Decide what piece of clothing to quit hanging on to, whether it’s that red skirt, purple top, black dress or the brightly colored orange pants or just choose to save it for one more year.   It’s that easy!                                   

So what did you give up? 

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