The Consultation

The Consultation

If you recalled, I made the decision to grow my color out to reveal my gray hair.  That was July 8th, just 20 days ago.  Going gray is a mental and emotional ride. Could I really go through with it? How would I get through the awkward growing-out process? This is where the ‘consultation’ comes in.

Having asked for advice and given several options on how to get through the growing out stage, I decided to do what would work best for me.  There were indeed many options, bleaching one’s hair to gray, wigs, sprays and crayons for temporary touch ups, ombre hair color, or just #grayhairdontcare.  Most of the time seeing the roots with the hard growth line doesn’t matter.  What about the special occasion when you want it to matter?  What then?  There are hairpieces and temp sprays which I decided were my go to’s; and, pulling my hair straight back to reveal the roots at the temples and hairline.

First image is InstaColor Silver, the second image is the sprayed hair and the third image is with a hairpiece if I choose to hide the gray.

I found that I went through a lot of emotions with this decision of mine.  Shortly after the decision was made, I started having a health issue with my knee.  The doctor did assured me I was not a candidate for knee surgery (good news).  After the MRI, it revealed that I had early stages of arthritis in my knee.  I have always prided myself for rarely being sick or having anything wrong physically.  This discovery was sobering to me.  I really am not the age I thought I was ….I’m older!  How did that happen?   Combine that with gray hair, what is the first thing that you think of?  I will admit I released some frustrating tears regarding my knee…darn it!  I love running up and down the stairs in my house, I love traveling and taking road trips; and in general, being active and alive.  And now, one more element:  To the world, I confess – I am in dire need of losing 10-15 pounds.


A dear friend sent this quote to me just two days ago not knowing what I was really feeling.  ‘You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey’.  This provoked me into thinking about things differently.  I can cry, whine and complain, but where will it get me?  No where!  This story will have a happy ending because the journey I decided to embark on will be a happy journey.  Thank you Laurie Klein for sending this message to me.

Let’s have some F.U.N. on this journey and I hope you join me.  Stay tuned to the rest of the story.

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