The Decision

The Decision

(first of several)

When I was 16, I pulled my first gray hair. I had beautiful dark brown, almost black hair. It was hair that I was born with.  It wasn’t until the age of 36 that I started coloring my hair professionally.   Many years later, I found Dessange Paris, a hair salon that I fell in love with.

Norbert Lemke, the owner of the salon, determined the right hair color that would be the most flattering for my skin. I gave him and his colorist their creative license to do their job. Katie has performed a beautiful job coloring my hair each and every month….every 4 weeks to be exact…sometimes every 3.5 weeks for several years…and lots of dollars to boot.

Because I was going on such a regular basis, I started to wonder how would my hair look gray? Would it be salt and pepper, a dull gray or a silvery gray?

With these questions wavering through my head, I decided to ask Katie if I should grow my hair color out. She was excited that I would even ask the question much less consider it. She assured me it would be beautiful and would not make me look older because I was the kind of person who took care of my appearances.

Considering Katie’s comments, the following month I asked Norbert the same question. I knew he would give me his honest opinion as Katie had done.

‘Beautiful’, he said in his French accent. He went on to say, ‘I would look simply stunning because my hair isn’t just a gray, but it was a silvery white color’. Hmmm…was Norbert seriously suggesting I try it?

Gosh, I should!! I had to consider how much money I would save if I did. Just based on cold cash, how could I not? First, one must keep in mind that I love the color of my hair that I pay so much for each month. The compliments on my hair were always plentiful. Finally, I was ready for a change! What better change would I have than to grow my hair to the natural color it really is.

The decision did not come lightly, but the decision was made. I will embrace this thing called ‘gray hair’. Or, should I say I will embrace ‘the silver fox’. Let’s see what comes of it. Stay tuned for the rest of the story…

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