The Frustration

The Frustration

It’s funny how you go through stages of emotions regarding the hair of all things.

Yes, I made the decision to go gray.  I found that a positive attitude goes a long way in this process.  Cutting one’s hair in order to have less ‘color’ to contend with is one thing, but when you are not accustomed to short hair AND having to deal with the transition stage, both are very frustrating.

I just came back from a trip with a wonderful friend, Trudy Elaine Rivich http://@lifelove_adventure.  She is a wonderful photographer. . .so full of life and so much fun!  Not only that, she has the most beautiful thick black hair any female would die for.  We met up in southern California. We drove to Denver after spending a few days in San Diego and staying at my favorite hotel Laguna Beach.   We had a blast getting there stopping for photographs, good food, picking up a Sammy Juan (my sweet little-stuffed Emu) and played a couple of slots while taking a break from all the road construction and heavy traffic.  During this time my hair was not in control of me, but rather we got along beautifully.  I loved the blend of the dark blond and the gray. . .in fact, it looked a bit sassy.

Once we arrived in Denver, we were met with another long-thick haired beauty,  Trudy’s longtime friend.  Among these beautiful women, my short-partial-gray-haired self was starting to feel inadequate.  Other factors were starting to set in as well.  I won’t go into details, but needless to say, I was feeling my worst.  My self-esteem was plummeting.

I tried hard not to be frustrated with my hair.  When I styled it, it looked very thin because of the lightness of the gray at the root.  Even though the blend of the blond and the gray is beautiful, this look of ‘thinness’ weighed heavy on me.   I just had to get over it if I was going to continue this growing out stage.  Honestly, if I wasn’t writing this blog, I would have called to schedule an appointment for color.  For those of you who are keeping up with me, you are the only reason I have not done just that.  As I said, I have my moments.  In reality, I’m glad I am going through this process.  No one ever said it was going to be easy, but who knows, the rewards just may be plentiful!

If you are growing out your color, stay positive.  We all go through those moments of frustration and doubt.  Throughout our trip, Trudy was my saving grace as she kept me positive with many distractions and beautiful comments.  Besides our new traveling companion, Sammy Juan with his darling personality, kept us laughing throughout it all.

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