The Journey of the Solar Eclipse – Part 2

The Journey of the Solar Eclipse – Part 2



The solar eclipse was one that occurred from the west coast to the east coast. Think about what all had to happen before any one person could witness and capture images of this event. The five following things had to be in alignment.

  • To make the decision to be present
  • In order to capture the event, the right decision had to be made on choosing the location for viewing and photographing
  • The weather had to cooperate
  • To witness the totality, one must have been in the centerline
  • The perfect alignment of the Sun, Moon, Earth

Gift #1: FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT; ie, GUT! As previously stated, we out ran the rain and made a gut-level decision to turn on a country road in the middle of soybean farmland. WHY? This deviation from plan A was critical in putting us in a perfect viewing location.

Gift #2: CLEAR SKY. . .It sprinkled on us and even though we had high cloud cover, we could see the sun through the clouds and knew the clouds would soon pass….moments later, CLEAR SKIES!!!

Gift #3: FINDING FOCUS …Using the 500mm, I could not find focus…my eyes were playing games with me. Ken was my knight in shining armor! He left his camera, looked into my lens and found the sun for me. BAM…we were both shooting!

Gift #4: TOTALITY’S PATH …We honestly did not know if we would be in the centerline of totality until it happened. We did some calculations and felt we were. Only time would tell.

 Gift #5: GOD’S GIFT …Being able to view this phenomenal event with bare eyes was probably the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed….EVER!!!! With my bare eyes, I saw what looked like sparkling diamonds surrounding the moon. Then I looked around me….the area was almost dark, a very eerie feeling.  I cannot explain to you how that impacted me. Without filters I started shooting away! To compare the camera images and what I saw with my own eyes, I would take that memory any day because it was beyond anything I have ever witnessed!                     

Gift #6: HAPPINESS & GRATITUDE …Ken and I held each other moments after the totality because against all odds, we were able to witness this first hand along with millions of other people in the nation.   It literally bought tears to our eyes.


  • The elderly man who was driven by his son stopped to talk to us. He was a former veteran and fought in WWII.
  • Adolf, a veteran who fought in the Vietnam, told us some of the history of the area including information about the British and the German-Americans who fought and settled the land.
  • The sweet couple who told us about photographing the sunflower fields nearby and about their farming community. He was on his way home to mow acres of land before the night rains came in.
  • The couple in the van who stopped and wanted to photograph us as a remembrance to those who were photographing the eclipse.





Gift #8: BLESSINGS. . .We are going home.  The brilliant sunset graced us with its presence in Bella Vista, AR the next day on our journey home. The missionary girls from Utah we met and who read us a scripture from their Book of Mormon. They delighted in our story of witnessing the solar eclipse.

A few days before the eclipse someone asked, ‘What is all the hype about this eclipse, it happens all the time?’  My thoughts on this is:  When it happens in this wonderful country we live in from coast to coast, it deserves the hype. Think about what it did to bring millions of people together at a time when everyone is so divided…everyone excited and creating their special memories…not thinking about anything accept, for some, a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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  1. Francine (Forseille) Huseby

    Great job!!! Sorry we didn’t get to talk Friday night. These photographs you do are beautiful. You certainly have the “eye” needed.,

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