The Mentality

The Mentality


  • Why do women color their hair? 
  • What do men of any age think of  women with gray or silver hair? 
  • And does it really matter?


Why do women color their hair when they start to gray?    Generally speaking, aging is considered by most unattractive because it is associated with growing older. Therefore, women will not only spend hundreds of dollars dyeing their hair to look young, but they give up hours upon hours sitting and processing.

Let’s back up several years. Being of the Baby Boomer generation, I saw my mom and my grandmother working hard because they were homemakers and were raised to be just that.  It wasn’t until later in life that my mom decided she was going to work outside the house.  She always took care of herself with beauty products as well as knowing how to eat and cooking right for her family’s health.  But, the one thing she always did was color her hair even when she was solid gray . . .at which point she became blond.  She needed this for her own self-esteem and she wasn’t the only one.   Why do you think there are so many color specialists out there?

What about the Men?  At first glance women with gray hair do not come across to the public the same way as men with gray hair.  Men have always been associated as handsomely mature, debonaire, sophisticated and accomplished.  Women on the other hand came across for the most part as older and grandmotherly. Or that’s how it seemed!  Our fashion culture has influenced our way of thinking.  To combat that, it begins with our attitude!   

I decided to ask other people how they felt when they turned gray.  I received such comments as  ‘I would never go back to coloring my hair’ to ‘I am so glad I did it!  I had the privilege of talking to two beautiful women who have exquisite gray hair.  Nancy Leger Pavlas (photo below) shared that it was not a struggle going gray because she was tired of coloring her hair, it was cutting into her exercise time.  Now that her hair is salt and pepper, she gets asked ‘who put the silver in your hair?’  She always reply with this awesome answer, ‘God put the silver in my hair!’ 

Take my dear friend Jeannie Hopper (photo below). Her hair is my ultimate goal because based on my hairdresser, I should have her color when grown out! She is blessed with complete silver hair!  Her comment is ‘My puppy loves me gray!’ . . .SWEET!

What do men think of silver colored hair?   Those I asked were both married and  single. Here are their comments:

  • Love Silver
  • Women with gray hair are sexy
  • Gray shows wisdom
  • Gray hair shows they know what they want and with that there are no games when dating 
  • Women should let their natural state take over and be willing to go gray because it is attractive.  

I have found that in recent years, the attitude is changing toward gray hair as the comments above are showing.  Even the younger set of people are starting to color their hair to look like our well-earned gray hair. 

Does it matter what people think?  You tell me.  Whatever your feelings are toward going gray, it is a mental process.  You have to feel comfortable in making your decision.  Think about this for a moment. . . we could all be role models in many ways to our granddaughters and young girls growing up.   But the more women that are gray, it could change their young minds perception of what beauty really is and they too will be comfortable when their time comes.  

Many thanks to those who were so kind to answer my questions.  If you know someone who is trying to decision to go gray and could benefit from this blog, please SHARE!  Even if you don’t know anyone, please SHARE anyway. . . you never know whose life you will touch.  Stay tuned to the rest of the story. 



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