The Process

The Process

Oh my!  Did I really make the decision to go gray?  Was I off my rocker?  No, I’m not so sure I was, I was curious and needed a change. . .really Dianna?!?!

The process not only included asking for advice on how to go gray, but it included how I was thinking about it.  Remember, anyone who does this, is in the mindset of how they looked before making the decision, at least I was.  I was incredibly close to giving it up because I was already tired of the process.   How long had it been? Just one month and 3 days (at the time of this writing)! Not very long.

To truly embrace this journey, one must embrace it mentally.  This is where a few pep talks with yourself comes in.  If YOURSELF is rebelling, then those pep talks will most likely come from other people who truly care about you.  One of those talks came from my daughter.  She told me I had choices…I should not think of the negative by trying hard to keep the same look I had, but instead accept the positive and there are plenty. 

With that thought, I made an appointment with Norbert Lemke,, my wonderful hairdresser.  Once I sat down in his chair, I told him my hair was in his hands and just cut it.  After about an hour, I was two inches shorter and two inches closer to total silver.  That was exciting….I got a shorter haircut and I loved it!  Playfully, he sat down in his chair and handed me his scissors.  He said, ‘cut my hair!’  And I did. . .LOL.


We are so accustom to our features (facial, body, hair), that we forget that other people and even complete strangers see us in such a different way.  Are they really looking at the hard growth line from growing out the color?  I doubt they are. . .if they are staring at it, they are probably thinking positive thoughts.   We are beautiful in their eyes and we don’t even know it.

Sometimes we must be ourselves and let other people see the real imperfect and magical person we really are.  Gray hair?  NO!  a SILVER FOX?  You bet!!!  Stay tuned for the rest of the story…

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