Time for Reflection

Time for Reflection

The last several weeks I signed out of my life as I knew it.  No more Facebook, no more Instagram, no more of the stressful life I was living.  I felt my creativity had plummeted. . .I felt my desire for my photography was not as strong as it was.  I was burned out.  Everything around me was cluttered. . .even my mind.  That has changed because now I am back!

I found a place where I could go to refresh my mind,  body and soul.  I needed the discipline, the structure and someone letting me know what I was capable of. . .someone I trusted.  All I knew were the things I could not do and the desire of accomplishment was in the distance future.  I needed to change old habits and it takes 21 – 28 days to change those habits.  For a period of four weeks,  I ate mindfully,  exercised 3 hours a day and  learned how to mediate.  Through all of this, I learned the nutritional side of what keeps our bodies healthy.  There are some alarming statistics from highly rated university research and medical sources that tell us 70% of all Americans are obese by definition. This is affecting our children because of how we eat as individuals and families because of the fast pace of everyday life .  I was going down that same path and I refused to accept it.

It was time for silence to the outside world.  The more I did the more I craved and the better I felt.  I was accomplishing what I felt I could not do.  I ‘re-set’ myself and it feels incredible!  This is a short blog just to let you know that I am back.  I will create for the love of photography. I will be mindful of my body and soul. I will not spend hours on social media, but I will continue to promote my beautiful art.

The times I walked the beach, I had the time to reflect.  My life was changing and each day I reflected upon my accomplishments.  My habits were changing, my body was changing along with my mindset.  As the day comes to an end like the setting sun, think of your accomplishments and be proud of what you have done!  

     I will be adding more blogs on a regular basis.  I would simply love to hear your comments on what is going on in your world.  How do you feel?  What have you accomplished today, this past week, the last month?  Please SHARE….sharing is caring!  I truly care about you!!  

I am proud to say my blog  Dianna Lynn Walker Photography has been selected  as one of the Top 75 Fine Art Photography on the web.  

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