Every image has a story.  In my last blog I featured  ‘Dreaming’ (see below).  If you read my blog, then you know that the story of love continues on with this image.

While staying at the ranch I once owned with my former husband, I photographed the moon rising above the clouds.  I especially loved the capture because I remember how I felt when I photographed it…relaxed and joyful because of where I was.  When the ranch was sold, my heart ached in so many ways. .  I re-visited this image and decided to tell my emotional story. . .’Dreaming’ was then created.  Not only does it show the beauty, but now it shows the sadness that is represented by the subtle streams of water.  (Read below on how I did it)

Soon it represented another lost which lead me to create ‘The Glass Turtle’.  I had planned to document through photography the hatching of the sea turtles on an island in the Caribbean to help bring awareness to the sea turtles.  My delivery of the images was planned through my own storybook for the children of the island.  There were many things that kept me from my mission, and I consequently did not go.  Although the thought of this project never escaped me, life happened and I started to do other things.  ‘The Glass Turtle’ represents a love frozen in time. . .a love that could shatter at any moment. Because the turtle’s head is above the water, it is still very much alive in that it represents hope and dreams that never die.  

We wake up every morning to go about our day.  One day I woke up and saw my world had changed in so many ways.  All things come and all things end.  What never changes are the beautiful memories that were created, not to mention the art that is never-ending through our experiences.  For me, everyday is a new photograph waiting to be captured.  Why did I title the image ‘Dreaming’?  I’ll let you answer that one.

NOTE:  How did I do it?


To create the streams of water in ‘Dreaming’, I turned on the water in my shower.  With my camera in tow, I stepped into the shower taking extra care not to get it wet.  I aimed the water on the shower door.  Very carefully, I began photographing the water streaming on the glass door.  Once I captured what I needed, I took the image into Photoshop.  With ‘Dreaming’ opened in Photoshop, I dragged the ‘water streams’ over the background layer of ‘Dreaming’..  In the mode box, I chose ‘overlay’ and lowered the opacity.  Like magic, it looks as if you are day dreaming while looking out a window with rain streaming down.

In the meantime, check out my products for these two images.  Follow this link:  https://diannalynn-walker.pixels.com/featured/dreaming-dianna-lynn-walker.html and https://diannalynn-walker.pixels.com/featured/the-glass-turtle-dianna-lynn-walker.html  Please note that ‘Dreaming’ is a Ltd Edition and does not have any products associated with it.  To see ‘Dreaming’ in print on metallic paper and face mounted onto acrylic it is simply beautiful because of the great depth it has. Should you want to purchase either of these images, please contact me directly at info@diannawalkerphotography.com

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